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The Reopening of Boca Raton!

After such a long time of staying safe in our homes, ordering out and social distancing, many stores in Boca Raton are starting to reopen. The two most popular centers, Town Center Mall and Mizner Park, are both open to a limited extent. Restaurants are serving food and some shops are open.

It’s important to remember, though, that while stores are reopening, it’s still extremely important to practice social distancing, wear masks when appropriate and be conscientious of others.

There are far too many stories on the news about arguments and confrontations taking place because customers don’t agree with certain policies or don’t want to abide by a store’s rules. If a store or restaurant has guidelines you don’t agree with, then find another place to go until things relax even further. This is not about you, your beliefs or even your “freedom”. It’s certainly not about anyone’s political affiliation. It’s about public health and the safety of everyone in our community.

Get out there and support your local businesses! There’s a lot of small business and restaurant owners and staff who have had a very tough time lately. Let’s get out there and get some money into their cash registers!

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